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About Air-Weigh

Air-Weigh products help the transportation industry to LOAD SMART. 

Our mission is to increase efficiency, safety and reduce waste within the transportation industry through implementation of on-board load management.

Through the use of on-board scales, companies can improve profits while reducing wasted fuel, overall emmissions and vehicle wear associated with wasted out-of-route miles. Air-Weigh scales improve operations in the transportation industry and benefit the greater community through improved safety, reduction in road and bridge damage, improved fuel use, and overall company vehicle efficiency.

An innovative Company, based in Doncaster, England, working closely with their partners in the USA , Air-Weigh are a future-thinking company with an experienced and accomplished staff, creating unique technological solutions to longstanding transportation industry problems.

Air-Weigh are constantly researching and developing new products in order to continue innovation, to be able to offer the most recent technology in digital weighing systems.

Whether you are looking for a full weighing solution for tractor - trailers, rigid chassis applications, a simple in-dash scale, or just a payload scale, Air-Weigh has an application for you.