Welcome to AIR WEIGH


Complete on board load management systems for all class & type of trucks and trailers with spring,
air, or mixed suspensions. All of our systems include axle weights, GVW, & net payload.

Air-Weigh products contribute to maximize vehicle safety and fleet efficiency in the day to day operation of
commercial vehicles.


Why Air-Weigh?


State of the art software & hardware
Protection of axle overload & under load potential
Maximize your payload & fleet potential
Optimize load distribution
Quick & efficient installation
Air-Weigh loadsmart technology

An Air-Weigh scale installed in your fleet will give your driver the tool to help avoid vehicle overload situations which can also make your vehicle unstable, difficult to steer and have an effect on braking distances.

Overloading effects the whole vehicle performance increasing fuel consumption and tyre wear. By loading to your permitted limits you will also have an impact on the environmental issues faced by today’s modern transport industry.